Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help out!  

We really appreciate all of your efforts!  


In order to be in the classroom, on the playground or even help with a birthday snack we are required by state regulations to have the following information filed in the office:


  • Negative TB test taken within the last year.

  • Proof of vaccinations or immunization for:

    • MMR

    • DTAP

    • Influenza (must be renewed each year)

  • Completed Volunteer Form


(If you will have no interaction with students you do not have to meet the vaccination requirements.)


Volunteer Code of Conduct:

  • Please be respectful and compassionate of all students, staff and other parents.

  • There should be no cursing or nasty and negative language used on campus at any time.

  • Volunteers are only allowed to enter the adult/staff bathroom.

  • All volunteers must follow our dress code and personal appearance guidelines.

  • Volunteers are never permitted to be with students without NPS staff present.

  • All volunteers must not violate the child’s personal rights

    • No intimidation or humiliation

    • No grabbing a child

    • No picking up a child to make them sit down

    • No yelling unless someone is in danger

  • All volunteers must be in good health.

  • You may not post on any social media an image or comment of any child and or family members besides your own without the expressed consent of the family in question and the preschool office.

  • Little eyes are watching, please be the example and practice what you teach.