Picture Day

October 23rd and 24th, 2018


Our photographer is Shugrue Photography.  They do an amazing job and have been doing our school photos for years!

Here is a sample of the background for this year's photos:


The following is the school photo shoot schedule.

All of the class photos will be taken first, just after 9:00am in the morning, so please arrive to school on time. 


Tuesday October 23rd

  1. Room A- T/TH

  2. Room B-  5 day & T/TH

  3. Room 1A- 5 day & T/TH

  4. Room 4A- T/TH

  5. Room 1B- 5 day & T/TH

  6. Room 4B- T/TH

  7. Room 3- All

Wednesday October 24th

  1. Room A- 5 day & MWF

  2. Room B- MWF

  3. Room 1A- MWF

  4. Room 4A- 5 day & MWF

  5. Room 1B- MWF

  6. Room 4B- 5 day & MWF

  7. Room 2- All