Picture Day

UPDATE: Pictures will be coming back the week before Christmas break!


Our photographer is Shugrue Photography.  They do an amazing job and have been doing our school photos for years!

Here is a sample of the background for this year's photos:


The following is the school photo shoot schedule.

All of the class photos will be taken first, just after 9:00am in the morning, so please arrive to school on time. 


Tuesday October 23rd

  1. Room A- T/TH

  2. Room B-  5 day & T/TH

  3. Room 1A- 5 day & T/TH

  4. Room 4A- T/TH

  5. Room 1B- 5 day & T/TH

  6. Room 4B- T/TH

  7. Room 3- All

Wednesday October 24th

  1. Room A- 5 day & MWF

  2. Room B- MWF

  3. Room 1A- MWF

  4. Room 4A- 5 day & MWF

  5. Room 1B- MWF

  6. Room 4B- 5 day & MWF

  7. Room 2- All