4/12/19 PG Meeting Minutes


Friday, APRIL 12th, 2019 – Noon to 1pm

Mission Statement: We are here to make a difference in our children’s lives. We are here to show our children that any one person can make a difference. We show up, we are accountable, we are here to support the students, the staff and each other!

Board President: Leslie Neilson

Secretary: Courtney Zufelt

Preschool Director: Shelli Harder

Teacher Liaison: Michele Allen

  1. President’s Report: Leslie Neilson

    • We have 7 weeks of school left!

  2. Director’s/Treasurer’s Report:  Shelli Harder

    • We made $2500 in the mixed bag fundraiser which is still going online.

    • we have $21,000 in funds

    • Our Pony Pictures went great! The photos should be back next week, and also help us earn money. About 15-20% goes back to the school

    • Plumbing and play structures are being updated

    • Ms. Monique is leaving at the end of April. Mrs. Andie will be taking over for her.

  3. Teacher’s Report:  Michele Allen

    • Spring is a very busy time of year.

    • we have Spring, Easter, Earth day celebrations as well as The Art Show coming up

    • Egg hunts next week- each class has their own individual egg hunt

    • please tape eggs shut so their contents don’t spill out when they are put on the ground

  4. Teacher Appreciation week- May 6th-10th

    • Breakfast for staff meeting on Tuesday

      1. potluck style

    • Lunch on Friday for teachers and parent group

    • Each day of the week will have its own theme. These themes will be emailed out prior

      1. theme ideas were: Make a thank you, Bring a flower, Stock the break room, Bring a book

      2. any other ideas welcome!

  1. Art Night Fundraiser- May 17th

    • Donations coming in- keep asking around!!

------pick-ups at Skateworld and Pigtails and Crewcuts and Boomers

All Pick-ups were volunteered for

    • Volunteer Sign-up sheet on google docs next week

      1. positions would be: cooking dinner, taking $, Silent auction, putting “baskets” together

    • evite going out Monday for pasta dinner

    • We have 30 donations now- always accepting more!

  • Next year’s Board Positions

    • position descriptions on back

    • All positions needed (minus secretary)

    • please let us know if you are interested in any positions

    • Donna will take Rummage Sale

  • Upcoming events

    • Child Enrichment- Bubblemania- April 23 & 24

      1. huge bubbles, the science of bubbles

  • Dine N Donates

    • 4/22 Chipotle

    • Blaze or Chilis possible in the future

    • May is most likely Panera and Yogurtland- more info to come

Next Parent Group Meeting:  Friday, May 10th, 2019 – Fireside Room 12-1pm

Lunch Bunch is free for enrolled children, please bring their lunch

Last PG meeting of the year and teacher appreciation lunch