1/18/19 PG Meeting Minutes


Friday, January 18th, 2019 – Noon to 1pm

Mission Statement: We are here to make a difference in our children’s lives. We are here to show our children that any one person can make a difference. We show up, we are accountable, we are here to support!

Board President: Leslie Neilson

Vice President: Sara Collins

Secretary: Courtney Zufelt

Preschool Director: Shelli Harder

Teacher Liaison: Michele Allen

  1. President’s Report: We are considering starting a MOPS group here at the church. CHildcare would be provided with a small fee to join or per meeting. Would there be any interest in this? Do we want to start one? Meetings would include brunch and a speaker or special guest of some sort. We could host meetings bi-weekly or monthly.

    1. We will be stuffing envelopes for donations at the next parent group meeting

  2. Director’s/Treasurer’s Report:  Shelli Harder

    1. Don’t forget to note that you were at the Parent Group Meeting next to your signature when you sign your child out today!

    2. Registration is coming up!  Registration packets going home Feb 4th/5th

    3. We have $17,125 in PG funds

  1. Teacher’s Report:  Michele Allen

    1. The past 5 days of rain have been tough, but we appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the holidays.

  2. Rummage Sale- January 26th-  Emily Rockwell

    1. We need continued help with marketing. Please share the facebook event (on the Preschool page) to other local Facebook pages to get the word out.

    2. We need help sorting! If you are able to help Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8-12.

    3. We will be incorporating a bake sale as well with breakfast foods (scones, muffins, etc) and need volunteers to man the table and take $

    4. We will have a special clothing rack highlighting items with tags or brand names.

    5. A sign up sheet for bake sale will be available

    6. Preschool parents can come shop on Friday 1/25 at 9am.

  1. Silent Auction- Dana Marquardt

    1. Art show night will be 5/17- each class will donate something to the art show.

    2. Room moms will announce the idea to the class

    3. Dana will communicate with room parents on volunteer and donations needed

    4. Teachers will be reimbursed if necessary

  1. Upcoming Dates

    1. School Closed for MLK Jr day - January 21st

    2. Registration for Fall 2019- Feb. 4th-19th.

    3. Dine-N-Donate at Lorna’s on Feb. 12th

      1. Lunch and dinner included

Next Parent Group Meeting:  Friday, February 8th, 2019 – Fireside Room 12-1pm

Lunch Bunch is free for enrolled children, please bring their lunch