September Parent Group Meeting Minutes

Thank you all for coming to our first Parent Group Meeting of the year!  We saw lots of new faces and it was lovely to meet you!   The Parent Group can't do all that they do without parent support so we really appreciate all of you taking time to attend the meeting.  An extra special thank you to those that signed up to be on a committee or an event coordinator!  You are what make this school so great!



Friday, September 14, 2018 – Noon to 1pm

Board President: Leslie Neilson                                                

Preschool Director: Shelli Harder

Teacher Liaison: Michele Allen

  1. WELCOME!  

  1. Director’s/Treasurer’s Report:  Andree Webb

    • Shelli is recovering well from surgery.  She will return next week.

    • No Kindergarten Options Night this year.  

  1. Teacher’s Report:  Michele Allen

    • School is off to a good start

  1. 2018/2019 Board Positions

    • President – Leslie Neilson

    • Vice President- Sara Collins

    • Secretary – Courtney Zufelt

    • Craft Workshop Coordinator- Open

    • Rummage Sale Coordinator – Emily Rockwell

    • Silent Auction Chair- Dana Marquardt

  1. Ice Cream Social/Open House/Book Fair - October 26th  6:00-7:00pm

  1. Craft Workshop and Vendor Fair- December 1st

  1. Rummage Sale- January- 26th

  1. Art Night- May 17th

  1. Fundraisers

    • Mixed Bags- Sometime in the Spring

    • Dine-N-Donates-Carli LeRoy

  2. Parent Group Outings

    • Parents Night Out

    • Park Play Date

  3. New Business/Suggestions

    • maybe set up a facebook page for the PG to discuss events

                     Next Parent Group Meeting: October 12, 2018 12:00pm in the Fireside Room