12/14/18 PG Meeting Minutes


Friday, December 14th, 2018 – Noon to 1pm

Mission Statement: We are here to make a difference in our children’s lives. We are here to show our children that any one person can make a difference. We show up, we are accountable, we are here to support!

Board President: Leslie Neilson

Vice President: Sara Collins

Secretary: Courtney Zufelt

Preschool Director: Shelli Harder

Teacher Liaison: Michele Allen

  1. President’s Report

    1. The craft fair was a great success! Huge thanks to everyone who supported!

  2. Director’s/Treasurer’s Report:  Shelli Harder

    1. Parent group has just under $17,000 on hand. Unfortunately much of that is going toward the plumbing issue, and the remainder will continue to fund the new bathrooms.

    2. Santa is coming at the end of this week. Parents are welcome to join

  3. Teacher’s Report:  Michele Allen

    1. Parent’s, please take this magical time of year and really enjoy your break with your children. They’re only this little for a little while. Happy Holidays!!

  4. Craft Fair Wrap Up

    1. $3500 in profit- (see back for breakdown)

    2. Thank you Sara and everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen!

      1. The snowman ornaments, slime, and hot chocolate crafts were the most popular

    3. Changes for next year

      1. We still have 4 fully supplied crafts for next year’s craft fair- so the profit margin will be even greater

      2. Possibly start earlier and add breakfast items (muffins) to the bake sale

      3. Increase the buy it now price or not have one at all.

      4. Possibly move the bake sale area and Santa to new locations to increase traffic

  5. Rummage Sale January 26th!- Emily Rockwell

    1. Room moms: Please send out an email to classes asking for donations. We accept clothes, toys, books, furniture, etc.

    2. Big item donations will be accepting starting 1/7

    3. Suggestions for advertisements:

      1. Nextdoor, facebook, possibly a banner outside Costco

    4. Prices will start higher, and will drop if no one is buying. $2/item seems low

    5. Feature items that are name brand or new with tags

    6. Please volunteer to help sort the week of the rummage sale- sign ups will be sent out soon

    7. Preschool Parents: You have the opportunity to shop on Friday at drop off (first dibs!)

    8. The option of childcare was mentioned during the rummage sale- it is being looked into

    9. Everything that isn’t sold is donated to a Military mom’s group after the fact

    10. Adding a bake sale to the rummage sale was mentioned

  6. Other Fundraisers

    1. Dine-N-Donate updates

      1. Chipotle: $148.07

      2. Yogurt land: $25.82

      3. Both locations will be contacted, as the consensus felt the employees didn’t ring in the fundraiser correctly, yielding a smaller donation for the school

    2. Massage Envy

      1. An email has been sent out with details on the Massage Envy fundraiser

      2. They will donate a portion of bookings in December and January to the preschool (please be sure to mention Northminster upon booking)

  7. New Business

    1. PLEASE purchase a new beard for Santa

    2. Room moms will be sending out information on Santa and his arrival at Northminster this year

    3. Parents night out is the 2nd friday of every month. It is $5/kid or $10/family from 6-9pm. Children must be potty trained.

  8. Closed for Christmas Break December 21st @12pm-January 6th.

*School resumes at 7:30am on January 7th.

Next Parent Group Meeting:  Friday, January 18th, 2019 – Fireside Room 12-1pm

Lunch Bunch is free for enrolled children, please bring their lunch