October 2018 Parent Group Minutes


Friday, October 12, 2018 – Noon to 1pm

Board President: Leslie Neilson                                                

Preschool Director: Shelli Harder

Teacher Liaison: Michele Allen

  1. WELCOME!  

  1. Director’s/Treasurer’s Report:  Shelli Harder

    1. Plans to update the outside bathrooms is a $40,000 project, so fundraising proceeds will go towards that.

    2. Parent’s night out through the church is in the works, it will be $5/family (siblings included). Church elders and volunteers in the high school range will be the helpers watching the children. If anyone can give input on their needs, we’d love to meet them. November 16th will be the first parent’s night out. This is not a fundraiser- it is a church outreach.

    3. Introduction to Pastor Jay- the children are loving the “show” he puts on. Chapel is generally first Tues/Wed of the month. Look for him at the gate once a month! The church is looking to create a children’s program- please join!

    4. Chili cook off and bounce house after church this Sunday 10/14.

  1. Teacher’s Report:  Michele Allen

    1. October is very fun and the teachers are looking forward to open house!

    2. This month, the enrichment program was a magician and the children loved it.

  1. Meet your new 2018/2019 Board- Thank you for signing up!!

    1. President – Leslie Neilson

      1. Room moms, please email enrichment programs dates to families- families are welcome to join and watch enrichment activities.

    2. Vice President- Sara Collins

    3. Secretary – Courtney Zufelt

    4. Craft Fair Committee- Donna, Sara, Leslie, Tracy, and anyone else who would like to join.

    5. Rummage Sale Coordinator- Emily Rockwell

      1. Please donate gently used children’s clothing, size 6 and smaller. Whatever we don’t sell, we donate to the military. No helmets, no car seats. But we do take cribs (no drop-side cribs), strollers, bikes, play structures, etc.

    6. Silent Auction Chair- Dana Marquardt

  1. Ice Cream Social/Open House - October 26th  6:00-7:00pm

    1. $2 for ice cream

    2. Book Fair- cash only

    3. Volunteers Needed- please sign up!

  1. Craft Workshop and Vendor Fair- December 1st

    1. Bake Sale- Janine Tiefenbruck

    2. Did we book Santa? YES!

    3. Class baskets for auction

      1. Each classroom has their own theme basket.

        1. TBD- find out your class’ theme soon

    4. 13 vendors so far!   Check out our facebook page for vendor information

  1. Dine-N-Donate Update

    1. Blaze (October’s Dine-N-Donate earned us $163.80)

    2. November’s Dine-N-Donate is still in the works

    3. Chipotle- 12/3

    4. Some ideas mentioned were: Spice and soul, Lorna’s, Dan Diego’s

    5. Parent’s night out may align with Dine-N-Donate in the future to help with higher participation

  1. Calendar:

    1. Picture day 10/23 & 10/24

      1. The background is posted on the office door if you’d like to look at it

    2. Open House 10/26

      1. Please join us!

    3. Halloween parade 10/30 & 10/31

      1. The children sing songs and perform- please make it a priority. Starts at 9:15. Please no masks or weapons. If your child comes both days, please have them dress up both days.

    4. Chapel 11/6 & 11/7

    5. School Closed 11/12-Veterans Day

    6. Craft Workshop and Vendor Boutique- Dec. 1st

    7. Rummage sale- January 26th

  1. New Business/Suggestions

    1. Cookie dough fundraiser in the works- possibly in November

    2. We are looking into whether smart tuition has an app, or the possibility of Venmo

                     Next Parent Group Meeting: November 9th, 2018 12:00pm in the Fireside Room